The Keyboards  «Dodeka»


Instruments optimized

The good interface between man and music

The DODEKA method enables to profitably play every existing instrument and on piano keyboards. However, the design of the standard keyboard greatly handicaps the musicians because it reproduces the “defects” of the system (this is not the case for string instruments, brass instruments, accordions, etc.).

Only a keyboard that replicates the real form of music allows to fully benefit from a coherent system that encourages musical expression and learning.

The objective of creating the DODEKA keyboard was to set all the keys in a chromatic configuration.

Various prototypes of DODEKA keyboards were made by transforming pianos or synthesizers.

A synthesizer with one of the first versions of the DODEKA study keyboard. 

The keys are tinted so as to facilitate further learning.

A new digital Keyboard with DODEKA system.

The disposition of these new keyboards has allowed to underline the advantages and the coherence of the DODEKA system.

Example of the positioning of fingers on the keyboard.

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