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We are building the Dodeka Music Library: the first ever online library of sheet music that anyone can read. For this library, we only want the best and greatest music of all time - the good stuffs. And this is where you come into action. We need your help to select the first set of songs that our platform will feature for its upcoming launch.

So, whether you are a rock fan, a jazz aficionado, a classical connaisseur or a pop lover, it is time for you to share your wisdom with us and let us what your top-3 songs of all time is.

Together, we can create the best and easiest sheet music library! Imagine all the songs that you like and can easily read in one place. The dream, right? So, what are you waiting for? Join this great project and let us know what your three favourite songs are.

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Dodeka Music Library

The netflix of easy-to-read sheet music

A digital library of easy-to-read sheet music for a new generation of music players who wants to play music, not to learn it. Our user-friendly music platform let you discover, share and play your favourite songs - all of that with very few efforts and right in your browser.

It's coming soon. Sign up now to be the first to try our innovative Music Library, receive exclusive updates and join our beta list.

Dodeka Music

Music Made Simple

Dodeka is a simple and innovative way to learn to play music for a new generation of musicians. It combines an innovative flat and linear keyboard layout with an alternative music notation, which when combined together offer a simple and intuitive music method to learn to play music. It is for everyone and for every instrument.


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