Music notation made easy

Read and compose musical sheets in minutes with Dodeka Alternative Music Notation

Dodeka Music Notation

A simple yet powerful alternative music notation. The notation is clear, visual and easy to understand and works with EVERY musical instrument.


Dodeka Alternative Music Notation

Dodeka reinvents music notation to make sheet music easier to read and faster to play! Discover or re-discover music with this revamped music notation.

Newly designed staff

In Dodeka Music Notation, the staff has now four lines and notes are placed following four positions: on, above, below and between the lines.


12-notes music

Music is now written using 12 notes, that is the chromatic scale. This way flat and sharp alterations disappear from the sheet music.

Visual note duration

Rhythm is made more intuitive by using visual representation of the notes. The duration of notes and is expressed by its graphical length.


“The notation system you've come up with is simple yet genius. ”

Kristian Huuki, Finland

Dodeka Alternative Notation vs current music notation

How sheet music look like Example with Bach's "Bourrées" score

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How to read Dodeka sheet music

Learn all you need to know about music in 30 seconds - nothing more really.

How Dodeka works

Dodeka introduces a new musical stave together with a chromatic scale of 12 notes and writes musical rhythm horizontally.

There are now twelve notes in the musical scale. These notes are inserted in four different ways – on, between, above and below the lines and they all keep their position in every octave.

Sharp and flat symbols simply disappear!

Sheet music become clear, visual, and easy-to-read no matter what key you are playing.


Dodeka stave


Dodeka scale

A few songs to get started

Bourrées in E Minor

Johann Sebastien Bach


Moonlight Sonata 14

Ludwig van Beethoven


Happy Birthday to You

(Easy Piano Version)

Go to the Dodeka Music Library to see all songs available.

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