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Learning how to play the piano the easy way

Explore music in a new way, and discover the power of Dodeka next-generation piano for transforming your music.

With this free online piano course, you’ll learn in just few minutes the genius of Dodeka isomorphic keyboard, the simplicity of playing scales and chords, and the possibilities to step up your game


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Here's what you'll learn

Learn & Play Piano with Dodeka is a weekly series of videos tutorials designed to make you play piano easily and quickly.

Dodeka keyboard's basics

Piano scales

Piano chords & reverse chords

Hand techniques & fingerings

And much more…

Meet the teacher

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Music officer & pianist @ Dodeka

The Course Outline


Getting to know the Dodeka keyboard

Find out more about Dodeka isomorphic keyboard and what makes it special in this quick introduction.

Playing piano scales

Get familiar with the linear disposition of the keys and start playing your first major and minor scales.


Playing piano chords - part 1

In this course, you'll learn how to play a piano chord and how to replicate it in every tonality.


Playing piano chords - part 2

Now that you know major and minor chords, let’s look at how to play reverse chords.
Now available!

Learning hand techniques

Discover the good position for your fingers on the piano to practice your songs, scales, and arpeggios the right way.
Now available!

Who is it for?

Whether your are a beginner who wants to play his/her favourite songs or a musician who’d like to try new things or develop his/her improvisation skills, you should take this course. You’ll make quick progress and (re)discover the piano and music.

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About Dodeka

Dodeka is new way to learn and play music for a new generation of musicians who are looking for simple and intuitive tools to make music. Dodeka is for everyone and works with every instrument. Learn more

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