Dodeka Play Beta

Play more songs and online sheet music you like

Get access to a catalogue of sheet music that anyone can read: literally anyone (including you)

Dodeka Play is in beta test. Request your beta invite today and get early access to the platform and sheet music.

Dodeka Play (Beta)

Web-based catalogue of online sheet music

Browse a catalogue of free Dodeka sheet music for various instruments and genres, listen to them with playback, as well as play along with a built-in piano keyboard.

All of that, everywhere and on any device.


Easy-to-read scores

We designed innovative sheet music that are easy to read, clear, and less confusing. This way, you can play more songs without the hassle of music theory!

For every musician

Enjoy a great repertoire of sheet music for many different instruments and genre: from yesterday’s classics to today’s latest hits.


Online & interactive sheet music

Listen with playback. Play along or repeat difficult passages and measures. Dodeka is a great tool to learn, practice and play your favourite songs.

MIDI compatible platform

Thanks to webMIDI, Dodeka Play is MIDI compatible. You can plug-in any MIDI controller on Dodeka Play and play along your song.


Anywhere and on any device

With Dodeka Play, there’s no need to install any another app on your devices. Simply open your browser and there you have all your sheet music.

  • "If children were taught to use these scores, they wouldn't waste their time."

    Bob Walance, USA

  • “I am amazed by so much logic and simplicity”

    Didier Demange, France

  • "I am extremely excited about your brilliant Dodeka notation! This has no equivalent, your notation is unique, simple and easy to read".

    Aston, Czechia


Experience new sheet music

Explore hundreds of interactive scores and play your favourite sheet music without the hassle of music theory. All of that straight in your browser.

Dodeka Music Notation

Reinventing music notation

Dodeka Play is a web-based library of sheet music written in Dodeka music notation. Find out more about this alternative music notation and learn how to read your first Dodeka sheet music.

dodeka innovative piano keyboard


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